PhytoCharm Nail Treatment Set

PhytoCharm Nail Treatment Set

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Introducing our Phytocharm Nail Treatment Set. 

This is a kit you can turn to again and again.  Trust us when we say, this is the kit that will make your nails grow strong and long!  

1. Nail File + Buffer + Angled Nail Stone + Nail Scrubber (Tools)

2. Phytocharm Nail Treatment 

3. Relax Beauty's Award-Winning Cuticle Oil -a delicious blend of organic essential oils designed to help heal cuticles


1) Soak Nails 

2) File + Buff and use our angeled stone to really get into the edges!  Mani/Pedi

3) WASH HANDS (very important) + Dry

4) Apply Phytocharm x2

5) Apply Cuticle Oil