Nail Repair Treatment Kit
Nail Repair Treatment Kit
Nail Repair Treatment Kit
Nail Repair Treatment Kit
Nail Repair Treatment Kit
Nail Repair Treatment Kit

Nail Repair Treatment Kit

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Are your nails dry, damaged, brittle, or breaking? Our nail repair kits are designed to not only rejuvenate your nails but to help your hands look and feel their best! Included in this kit are the following products:

1. Your Choice of  ONE Jessica Nail System Repair Treatment Base  (See Below for Base Treatment information)

2. Bend Don't Break Strengthening Base Coat

3. Jessica Brilliance Top Coat

4. 1OZ of Relax Beauty's Never Enough Hand Cream with Lanolin

5. Relax Beauty's Cuticle Oil - a delicious blend of organic essential oils designed to help heal cuticles

6. 1OZ Nail Polish Remover 

7. Complimentary nail file, buffer, and angled nail stone for complete nail care.


Choosing the right treatment base for your nail type:

Rejuvenation - For Dry Nails
A technologically complex combination of Protein KSW and water increases the nail's moisture levels, alleviating dryness. The healing benefit of jojoba, aloe vera, and Vitamin E is absorbed in the nail plate, conditioning and strengthening, while restoring natural flexibility.
Restoration - For Post-Acrylic Nails
A regenerative complex formula with intensive vitalizes that helps rebuild nails from foundation to surface. Healing Echinacea reinforces and aids the recovery process.
Fusion  - For Peeling Nails
The perfect solution for the problem, peeling nails. Rubberized resins fuse the nail's delicate layers, while Vitamin A strengthens and conditions for growth.
Life Jacket - For Nails that Break Easily
A unique blend of strengtheners, conditioners, micro and natural fibers that enhance keratinization, creating a cushion that protects nails that are prone to splitting or breaking. Especially effective for anyone who uses their hands a lot, by keeping nails pliable and flexible.